Educational Program

“CAMMEDIA” an intriguing, fascinating and fun music educational program that has been the former main educational programme of Megaron-the Athens Concert Hall.
The project has been extremely successful and has received numerous positive reviews by school educators, musicologists and critics as a singular pioneering educational activity.
Cam-Media is an innovative project, which is both participatory and interactive. Its original participatory character is due to the active contribution of the students to the performance of the piece and its interactive nature is what makes every performance distinctive as the student contributors shape and produces the final result.

 The main aim of the programme is to encourage children who have had no formal musical training of any kind to discover the sounds of their surrounding environment, to evaluate and organize them and to reach the definition of music.
More specifically, children participate by transforming materials from nature, recycled materials, objects from their everyday lives, even their mobile phones, into musical instruments, while they also use their voices through singing or reciting.

In that sense, children are given the opportunity to approach music and art through an experiential activity.

Cam-Media requires the participation of a small string orchestra, a few rehearsals and specific technical requirements.


Project Requirements

  • Group of students (60-200)
  • String orchestra
  • Computer on Stage
  • Amplification
  • 3 X 2-hour rehearsals, General rehearsal