WATER MUSIC (2011) for ensemble and chorus

 Water Music (2011), on text by Ryokan Taigu
for ensemble and mixed chorus
Dur : 14

‘ “Water Music” uses the poem of Ryokan Taigu (1758-1831), a quit but eccentric Zen buddist, who spent the most part of his life as a hermit. Ryokan is known for his poetry and calligraphy. His poetry, usually simple, is meanly inspired by Nature, as seen through the Zen philosophy.

The water of the mind, how clear it is!
Gazing at it, the boundaries are invisible.
But as soon as even a slight thought arises,
ten thousand images crowd it.
Attach to them and they become real,
be carried by them and it will be difficult to return.
How painful to see a person trapped in the ten-fold delusions.

Music, uses simple means to initiate the atmosphere and the serenity of the text. The instruments support the chorus, which is the dominate element of the work.