Over the 12-year period, 50 original compositions have been written to accompany Greek and foreign literature, while a total of 40 Greek novelists and poets saw their work fused with music. The «Music and Literature» series  was organized by Ioulita Iliopoulou and the events took place between 1998-2010 at the Melina Mercouri Foundation.



on text by Laurent Gaudé, for actor/narrator, 3 voices & laptop

The “Stones of Destiny” is based on the first chapter of Laurent Gaudé’s novel “Le Soleil des Scorta”.
The music follows the strong feelings of the characters : hidden desire, primordial instict passion, disasterous love, leading to a self-destructive sequence of events.
The score is written for three female voices, who embody the desire, the tenderness and, even more, the deadly lethal human nature. Vocal contemporary techniques, such as sighs, wispering, words, are combined with the sounds provided by a laptop. The singers also act as actors, playing their parts in conversation with the narrator.

Commissioned by the Orchestra of Colours and presented at the Melina Merkouri Foundation on April 12th 2010

Music: Alexandros Mouzas
Narration: Paschalis Tsarouchas


Commissioned by the Orchestra of Colors.

Based on the folk story of “Trisevgeni or the three citrons”, for actor/narrator, laptop, synthesizer, flute, clarinet and percussion

The folk story of “Trisevgeni or the three citrons” is well-known in many greek territories. A girl named Trisevgeni, is transformed to eal and lemon tree, in order to find again her king. Black and white, love and envy, persistrance, the victory of love and justice, run through from the legend to the original music score and accompany the heroes in their adventures.

Presented at the Melina Merkouri Foundation on April 16th 2007.

Music: Alexandros Mouzas
Narration: Gerassimos Gennatas
Flute: Michaella Panagiotopoulou
Clarinet: Marie-Cecile Boulard
Percussion: Christos Liatsos


Commissioned by the Orchestra of Colors

Based on a tale written by Petros Gryparis (adaptation by Ioulita Iliopoulou), for narrator, female voice, computer, flute, clarinet, percussion and contrabass

What does a Giant, who leaves in the underworld, do when he is fed up of lonelyness? He gets in the surface of the Earth and decides to marry the first beautiful girl that he will meet! How will he succeed in his goal? Which are his adventures? How much help does he get from his red stockings?

Presented at Trianon cinema on March 27th 2010.

Music, computer on stage : Alexandros Mouzas
Adaptation: Ioulita Iliopoulou
Voice: Eva Michelidaki
Narration: Gerassimos Gennatas
Improvisation: Alexandros Perros
Flute: Marilena Dori
Clarinet: Giannis Sambrovalakis
Percussion: Christos Liatsos, Michalis Diakogiorgis
Contrabass: Tassos Kazaglis