MONOLOGUE (2001/2005) for Eng.Horn and orchestra

Monologue (2001/2005)
Concerto for English horn Perc(2)- Strings, solo Eng.Horn
Dur: 12.50’ The term Monologue implies a work for a solo instrument. My intentιion in this piece was to write a concerante work where the solo line maintains an inner autonomy surrounded by orchestral sounds, thus creating various musical environments. The piece progresses from complex polytextural layers to the simplicity of the linear individual monologue.
The single movement work can be divided in three parts. In the first part the soloist participates as an equal member of the ensemble, playing thematic elements interwoven with the complex polytextural whole. A slow, lyrical horn solo leads to the next section as the orchestra now “touches” and interacts with the more predominant soloist. A virtuosic passage signals the start of the final section. The tempo increases and the fully independent solo horn line sharply contrasts with the ensemble in the true concerante manner.
The work was premiered on February 7, 2001 at Tsai Performance Center, Boston by The ALEA III Orchestra under Theodore Antoniou, conductor.