CAMMEDIA (2009-2014) – Educational Project

Cammedia (2009) for string orchestra, computer and live performance of student groups using various objects
Music, concept, preparation of students & conducting: Alexandros Mouzas

Cammedia was a very fortunate circumstance which ended in a large-scale educational project with almost 8000 students as audience and 700 students participating as performers.

Cammedia is a participial and interactive music piece. Participial since it is based on the active participation of the students and interactive, since the children produce the actual result. Every performance is unique. The piece corresponds to the relation between human, nature and the environment (nature and the natural phenomena, human intervention, natural disasters, communication, language, technology etc).

Cammedia is commissioned and especially composed for Camerata – the Orchestra of Friends of Music. The performance of the orchestra is accompanied by sound effects, music environments and electronic sounds generated by a computer on stage. The students participate by creating sounds with natural and recycled material, everyday objects or even using their cell phones as an instrument, while they also use their body and their voice by singing and reciting. No music skill is required. They just follow simple instructions and collaborate with the professional musicians of the orchestra.Camerata – the Orchestra of the Friends of Music