Stones of Destiny (2010)

on text by Laurent Gaudé, for actor/narrator, 3 female voices & laptop

The "Stones of Destiny" is based on the first chapter of Laurent Gaudé's novel "Le Soleil des Scorta".

The music follows the strong feelings of the characters : hidden desire, primordial instict passion, disasterous love, leading to a self-destructive sequence of events.
The score is written for three female voices, who embody the desire, the tenderness and, even more, the deadly lethal human nature. Vocal contemporary techniques, such as sighs, wispering, words, are combined with the sounds provided by a laptop. The singers also act as actors, playing their parts in conversation with the narrator.

Commissioned by the Orchestra of Colours and presented at the Melina Merkouri Foundation on April 12th 2010

Music, computer on stage : Alexandros Mouzas
Narration : Paschalis Tsarouchas


Stones of destiny

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Photos from the performance

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