Trisevgeni (2007)

Commissioned by the Orchestra of Colors.

Based on the folk story of "Trisevgeni or the three citrons", for actor/narrator, laptop, synthesizer, flute, clarinet and percussion

The folk story of "Trisevgeni or the three citrons" is well-known in many greek territories. A girl named Trisevgeni, is transformed to eal and lemon tree, in order to find again her king.
Black and white, love and envy, persistrance, the victory of love and justice, run through from the legend to the original music score and accompany the heroes in their adventures.

Presented at the Melina Merkouri Foundation on April 16th 2007.

Music, computer on stage, synthesizer : Alexandros Mouzas
Flute: Michaella Panagiotopoulou
Clarinet: Marie-Cecile Boulard
Percussion: Christos Liatsos
Narration : Gerassimos Gennatas




Photos from the performance